Scoping Documents

Scoping Comments

The scoping period for the Glades Reservoir EIS extended from February 17, 2012, to April 17, 2012. Please click on the links below to view the comments received during that period:

To download the file containing all of the scoping comments, please click here (16 MB PDF).

Please note that some commenters made multiple comments and may have submitted comments in multiple forms.

Additional Comments

Comments received by the Corps after the official scoping period (after April 17, 2017) will be posted here.

Comments received to date:

Final Scoping Report

To view the full Scoping Report, click here (58.8 MB PDF).

Please use the links below to download individual sections of the Final Scoping Report:



  • Appendix A (Federal Register Notice of Intent)
  • Appendix B (Scoping Notifications and Mailings)
  • Appendix C (Scoping Meeting Displays)
  • Appendix D (Scoping Meeting Handouts)
  • Appendix E (Scoping Meeting Agenda and Sign-In Sheets)
  • Appendix F (Scoping Comments)
  • Appendix G (Scoping Meeting Photographs and Post-Event Publicity)
  • Appendix H (8/10/12 and 8/23/12 Applicant Letters — Change and Clarification of Applicant’s Preferred Alternative)