Public Hearing

The address and map for the Open House and Public Meeting may be found here.

On December 8, 2015, the Corps held an open house followed by a formal public hearing to discuss the findings of the Draft EIS, to interact with the public, and to help explain commenting options.

You can download the Corps’ presentation here.

The information posters on display during the open house are available for download here.

Open House and Public Hearing Agenda
December 8, 2015
5:00pm Registration and Open House
6:00pm Welcome and Introduction
6:15pm Presentation
6:45pm Public Comment Session
9:00pm Adjourn (Meeting will adjourn after the last registered speaker presents his/her comments)

What is the purpose of the public hearing?

The Public Hearing is part of a legal process associated with compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which is designed to allow the public to make comments on the Glades Reservoir Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) directly to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), the lead federal agency responsible for preparing the DEIS.

The comments received at the hearing and from the public and other federal, state, and local agencies during the public comment period (October 30, 2015, to February 15, 2016) on the DEIS will aid the Corps in preparing the Final EIS and its subsequent decision-making process on whether to issue a permit to Hall County under the authorities assigned to the Corps in the Clean Water Act. The Corps will carefully evaluate all comments received; and all substantive comments collected during the Public Hearing and throughout public comment period will be responded to in the Final EIS.

At the hearing, the Corps representatives were present to listen to the public and to collect comments on the DEIS. The Corps’ responses to comments will be provided in the Final EIS. The Corps representatives did not respond to comments at the Hearing, nor did they comment on the upcoming Clean Water Act permit decision that will be prepared after the completion of the Final EIS.

How do I submit a public comment during the public hearing?

Your comments on the DEIS are welcomed and encouraged. The following process will be used by the Corps to ensure that comments on the Glades Reservoir DEIS can be collected accurately and completely so that the Corps can respond to all substantive comments in the Final EIS.

  • Comments may be made in a written form at the meeting by: 1) dictating the comment to a court reporter; 2) submitting comments online using one of the computer stations at the hearing, or 3) by speaking publicly at the hearing.
  • If you would like to speak publicly at the hearing you must register to speak when you arrive at the hearing. Only individuals registered to speak will be allowed to present comments to the Corps in this manner.
  • Each person will who signs up to speak publicly will have a maximum of 3 minutes to speak. Allotted floor time may be less than 3 minutes depending on the number of individuals registered and the total meeting time scheduled. The Corps reserves the right to adjust speaking time based on the number of individuals signed up to speak.
  • A timer will give the commenter a notice of time remaining at key intervals (ex: 1 or 2 minutes remaining).
  • The order individuals called to the floor to speak will be based on the order of registration at the hearing.
  • Multiple individuals representing the same organization and/or providing comments redundant to earlier comments may be asked by the Corps’ representative to yield their time so that a full range of comments may be heard by the Corps.