404 Permit Application

The various sections of the 404 Permit Application submitted by Hall County Board of Commissioners can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Current Preferred Project

Application Submitted on June 10, 2011

Hall County has proposed to secure adequate compensatory mitigation in accordance with the hierarchy established by the Corps 2008 Final Mitigation Rule (the Rule). According to the Rule, the most preferable form of compensatory mitigation is the purchase of mitigation credits from approved mitigation banks, followed by use of approved In-Lieu Fee programs, and finally permittee responsible/site-specific mitigation. The Savannah District’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will serve as a means to determine how much mitigation would be required by the proposed project. Information about the Savannah District’s mitigation program may be found on their website

Jurisdictional Determination

The Corps has conducted a preliminary Jurisdictional Determination for the site. Please click on the links below to download the Jurisdictional Determination documents.